Gender gap research at the Eastern APA

Garrett Marks-Wilt and I recently got word that our paper “Exploring philosophy’s gender gap: Stereotyping, identity, and academic engagement” has been accepted for presentation at the Eastern Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association in Washington, D.C., in January 2016. The paper reports the results of a study designed to test the idea that the underrepresentation of women in philosophy can be traced, at least to some degree, to the stereotyping of philosophy as a masculine pursuit. Stay tuned for details!

The racial divisions of moral labor

At this year’s Society for Philosophy and Psychology meeting in Durham, North Carolina, Garrett Marks-Wilt and I gave a poster presentation of our paper “Race-asymmetric moral assessments, ideological orientation, and symbolic racism.” In the paper we report the results of a study suggesting that symbolic racism predicts a tendency to assign different moral roles to Whites and Blacks, with individuals high in racism — and individuals who politically self-identify as conservative — tending to regard Whites as more deserving of moral consideration than Blacks.

SPP 2015

Empathy and moral judgment

Tony Jack, Jared Friedman, Chris Myers, and I have a new paper in which we report the results of our research on the effects of empathy on moral judgment. The paper is forthcoming in a volume of papers on experimental philosophy of mind, but you can read a pre-publication (not quite final) version of it here.


Opposing domains in the brain

Tony Jack and his colleagues have a forthcoming paper in Neuroimage which presents evidence of competing brain networks for social and physical cognition. Their findings provide fresh empirical support for a conjecture made in our 2006 paper on the phenomenal stance.